Design. lovely and easy to use.

Sleek shape, Six brilliant colors.

Designed by Dutch designer- Marco Leone , made in Italy. Flexible design, and is durable. And the color palette makes it the perfect fashion accessory. Choose bule, red,fucsia, lime, white, black.


   Made in Italy

   IF design award


   Franch observeur award

Does anywhere. And with anything.

Not just look lovely, it is more practical. Headphone cable, USB cable, charger cable, and even lamp cord, you can make bobino ®   as a close helper.

Acting freely, enjoying freedom.

Fun is Unlimited

With small bobino ®, the bag is no longer messy, when you strolling, taking exercise, your chest no longer twine. With Clever design, it become funny when you expand and wind headphone cable.

Fresh collocation

With special flexible design, you can caught bobino ®in the collar, cuffs, and backpacks, the headphone cable is no longer rock. With others different outfits, you become stylish.

Orderly and efficiency double.

USB cable, mouse, mobile phone charger ... scattered on the desktop and the bag, it bring a bad mood for the journey and work . With eye-catching color medium bobino®, so you can find your need instantly, problems is solved immediately.

Bright and tidy roomage.

Computer charger, lamps, speakers, hair dryer ... always with a long tail line, not beautiful, but also crowd. Large bobino®, elegant color, help you building clean and tidy space.  

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