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Normal lens

when light passing the glass surface, most of the light through the glass, but there will be a part of the light is reflected away, which is called the light loss. Or called light dimmed. Typically, each lens without the coating will produce 8% of the light reflection binoculars have 8-10 prisms and lenses, so this light will follow the loss of a significant increase in effect, even up to 50%.

lens with naturebright coating

In order to minimize loss of light reflection, ESCHEBACH using high-vacuum sputtering complex way, multi-coating on the two surfaces of each lens , coating thickness is only 1 / 500 of a human hair , coating more than 60 layers , the light passing-rate is close to 99.7%.


On 15 November Josef Eschenbach establishes the company named after himself with the objective of setting up a wholesale business for optical articles and technical drawing instruments.

Move to new premises in Hegelstrasse in Nuremberg, Germany. As early as the 1950s, Rudolf Eschenbach demonstrated his vision by being one of the first German companies to import binoculars from the Far East in addition to production in Nuremberg.

Since 1990

the network of established distribution offices in Austria, Switzerland and the USA has been successively increased to 12 today with the objective of providing trade and consumers with optimum service.


Inauguration of the new technology centre in Nuremberg, Germany. lenses are developed and manufactured here under optimum conditions.

Expansion of capabilities in optical precision injection moulding with the commissioning of the first ultra precision turning and milling machine with associated precision measurement technology.

During the last few decades, Eschenbach products have received numerous awards for excellent product design, e. g.:

  • Design Center Stuttgart
  • Industrieforum Hannover IF
  • Museum of Modern Art New York (MOMA)
  • Northrhine Westfalia Design Center
  • Red Dot Award
  • Silmo D ´Or Award
  • International Design Award Baden-Würtemberg
  • as well as winner of various product tests and awards of various trade magazines

Eschenbach Optik has been Market leader for long range optics products sold by opticians in European Market.

official website: www.eschenbach-optik.de