2012 - Wallpaper* Design Awards, 2010 - I.D. Design Distinction Award, 2010 - Good Design™

Better ergonomics

Our forward facing lever allows you to apply pressure directly over the nail, creating better control and a more comfortable grip.

Easy clipping

Increased leverage produces superior cutting action and effortless clipping.

Smooth cut

Sharp, high-tech blades cut smoothly and precisely so that filing isn't necessary and clippings stay on board.

Lifetime use

Durable surgical stainless steel (440C) combined with our new advanced world-class manufacturing means our clipper is built to last.

Designer Andrew Johnston

“I was always extremely disappointed using conventional nail clippers, and astounded that a product we all use, and use regularly, was so cheaply made. Our expectations of quality were absent and no one noticed. Nail clippers are alone in this respect; we haven’t lost our way with knives. Almost everyone owns at least one high quality piece of kitchen cutlery. It still amazes me that people are accustomed to paying $100 or more for a good knife to cut carrots with and don’t expect that same performance and quality from the tool they use to trim their nails! We aim to change this”

“our clipper is made via metal injection molding (MIM) and not easy to make. There are very few (if any other) consumer products that consist of multiple MIM pieces that all work together. We tried valiantly to produce in the US but there simply isn’t the correct infrastructure here. Finding our partner in Japan has been the best thing that’s happened to the company! The Japanese are experts in this field and their attention to detail and quality is amazing. I thank my lucky stars daily that I jumped on a plane and went to Japan in early 2012. I should have done it earlier, had I known the manufacturing issues we would experience at start up I would probably would have pulled the plug."

“ I believe people will pay for superior design and quality. I knew that if I had seen our clipper I would have bought it immediately.”